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A Christmas Extravabelganza

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2015 has without doubt been the most amazing year ever for Abel Ganz! At the start of the year we made our 1st ever visit to the Netherlands when we appeared at the Progdreams Festival. Then, we made the trip of a lifetime to the USA to take part in the amazing and thrilling experience that was/is Rosfest – and now, as we move into the latter half of this year, there is still the equally awesome Summers End to look forward to in only a couple of weeks time!

Although next year we do hope to play live a bit more regularly than we have done in the past, we know that once SE is behind us we will start to think again about beginning to record some of the new material we have been working on lately. It’s all very exciting!

Before we do that though – we want to see out 2015 in style and celebrate our most successful year with what we hope will be a rather splendid evening’s entertainment we are planning in our own home town.

So – we are absolutely delighted and excited to announce that we will be returning to the venue that started our journey over the last 12 months or so with a very, very special Christmas-time show at the CCA in Glasgow on Friday the 18th December.

To help us celebrate we have invited along not one, but two of our very favourite bands. Amazingly, they have both agreed!!

First of all, we are absolutely overjoyed to welcome along the man who is behind the brilliant Tiger Moth Tales: Peter Jones! Anyone who has not heard Pete’s albums Cocoon [we just adore this album in Ganz HQ] and Story Tellers is doing their ears a great disservice! The reaction to these astonishing works has been nothing less than ecstatic with many, many reviews [quite rightly] hailing the man’s arrival on the prog scene as a major talent! To say we are looking forward to hearing him perform tracks from these dazzling albums [and a few carefully chosen covers as well if we are lucky] is a massive understatement.


Secondly, we have been watching with great interest the growing roster of fantastic artists that have been gradually collected by perhaps the most important and influential independent Prog record label around at the moment: Bad Elephant Music. The amount of great records released by this label during 2015 alone has been nothing short of staggering. Among many brilliant releases there is one in particular that we keep coming back to: Pandora, by young Manchester band We Are Kin. We completely agree with the recent rave reviews this album has been receiving that describe this fresh band’s atmospheric prog as music that “transcends genre and sound to become something timeless, original and new”. Truly, progressive!


So – there you have it! We are really, really excited about this! Three bands on one [xmas party] night. We are so pleased that Tiger Moth Tales & We Are Kin will join us on this special occasion and we are very proud to be bringing them both to Scotland for their first shows north of the border.

Keep your eyes out for more details and tickets in the next week or so.



Abel Ganz added to HRH Prog Fest, 2016

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We are all very pleased to have been added to this great festival!  What a line up!

Hopefully see some of you there.


Abel Ganz, show to be recorded in Glasgow, UK

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We have been working away like crazy on this project [quietly in the background] trying to pull together all the complicated strands necessary to make this happen.

We are now delighted to announce that Abel Ganz will play a live show in Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow on Tuesday the 24th March.  This show is to be recorded for a DVD and live album release later this year.  This will be an all seated, very intimate show with very limited numbers!

We would love for you to come along and be included in our live video!

Look out for upcoming details of this show as we hope to announce special guests very soon.  There is a little more info, and tickets can be bought from the Cottiers box office, here: http://www.cottiers.com/events/abel-ganz-live-cottiers/

A great last six months for Abel Ganz.  We are looking forward to the next six months with even greater excitement!  Only made possible by determination, faith and most importantly your support.


Vote for Abel Ganz!

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To be honest, we have been a little wary of these things in the past as we know there are many bands with much larger fan bases to draw upon – that makes things all the harder for lesser-known bands to make an impression. That said – if we were able to make an impression it would be like oxygen for us!

We honestly believe our new album to be the best work we have ever produced.   Please, please if you can find the time, vote for Abel Ganz as best album over at the Prog Magazine Poll & The Dutch Progressive Rock Page poll too – – if you think we are worth it!

For Prog Magazine all you need to do to vote is send an e-mail to prog@teamrock.com under the subject line “Readers’ Poll 2014”.

You can see ALL the categories here:


For the DPRP poll you can complete and submit all the entries here:


Thank you all very much for the support you have shown us this year. Truly amazing!

What was your best album of 2014?

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What was your best album of 2014?  It’s a question that inevitably pops up around now every year.  We are incredibly fortunate, and proud of the fact that our new album has been so well received since it was released in July.  Now – we are very, very proud to see our album appearing on some end of year round ups.

A review of the year in Prog!

 An album that touches my soul every time I press play, the self-titled release from Abel Ganz is a record that will stay in my collection for the foreseeable future. Divine, beautiful, ethereal and, well, just darn good, as close to a religious experience as an agnostic can have!

Returning from a long sleep – the best of 2014 in Prog

Full of epic multi-part prog goodness and fused with gentle folk and country and more than a little slice of their Scottish homeland, there is the overriding conclusion that this is something quite special. This collection of songs is not only a winner from start to finish, it is sumptuously packaged and expertly produced and as close to a modern day classic as you are ever likely to get. It is the best release of the year hands down.

****Special offer****

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Still looking for that special Xmas gift?  Still not picked up the new Abel Ganz album?

Now is your chance to get our new, critically acclaimed CD at a very special price of just £7.99

That’s right – £7.99!!!!!

This special offer is available only until December 31st so go get em!

Buy one [or two!] for your special loved ones!!

Merry Xmas

Abel Ganz

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Abel Ganz 2014

Abel Ganz 2014

New album reviewed on Progwereld

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The Dutch website Progwereld has posted a review of the new album.

You can have a look at it here.  It is written, of course, in Dutch so it’s Google translate for those of us who do not have the native language.

We are all very pleased with the review and extend our gratitude and warm wishes to everyone at Progwereld!  :-)


Abel Ganz join Progdreams

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We at Abel Ganz HQ are all delighted and excited to announce that we will be joining the bill for the 2015 edition of Progdreams IV!! More info below:

On Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April Cultuurpodium Boerderij will host Progdreams IV, the fourth edition of our trend-setting indoor progressive and symphonic rock festival. The first names have just been announced: THE ENID, SPECIAL PROVIDENCE, IO EARTH, LAZULI, ÄNGLAGÅRD and ABEL GANZ. More band names will be follow soon.

Check out our web site and for more information.


Progdreams IV

New album is now streaming at Progstreaming!

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Just wanted to let you all know that the new Abel Ganz release is now streaming at the wonderful Progstreaming site.


Please check out the site – as well as Abel Ganz, of course, there is a wealth of great, new music waiting to be discovered!


We are all also very pleased indeed with this rather wonderful review of the new album over at French-Canadian site Profil. who say of the new album: 

« Abel Ganz » est un indispensable. Recommandé!