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Abel Ganz featured on Prog Core Radio

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We are delighted that Abel Ganz will be featured on Prog Core Radio on Friday the 05th of March at 07:00 PM (Montreal time).

Indeed – the show, Prog Core Live, will play our album Abel Ganz in its entirety!  

A huge thank you to Denis & Pierre.  http://progcoreradio.com/

Prog-Watch on Progzilla radio

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Hi there – tune in this Sunday 31st Jan to hear the Prog-Watch show on the mighty Progzilla radio.   The show will feature a Bite-Size Review from the latest Abel Ganz album!

Tune in at 2 pm (UK) (which is 9 am in the Eastern US). And if you can’t catch it then, the show repeats Wednesday evening (11:30 pm UK or 6:30 pm Eastern US).



2.2.2016  – the podcast for this show is now online here!


Summers End Festival – CRS Mag review

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Great review of Summers End Festival in this month’s edition of CRS magazine:

“So it was Abel Ganz that kicked things off, and what a great start it was! With the release of their latest eponymously-titled album in 2014 they bettered the already brilliant Shooting Albatross from 2008 and they have now become quite a brilliant live act into the bargain. Vocalist Mick MacFarlane should certainly take some credit for this as his delivery of the material draws you in as you become immersed in the music, which is equally well performed. They set the bar very high indeed for the rest of the weekend.”


HRH Prog Fest – SOLD OUT!

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We are delighted to hear that the HRH Prog Festival is now completely sold out!

Thrilled is the only word to describe how we feel about this news and we are so excited to have been added to an already fantastic line up.

Just to remind you all – Abel Ganz perform on Friday 18th March.

We really hope to see some of you there and please do come and say hello.


Another great review for Christmas show

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Martin Hutchinson has written a fantastic review of the Prog Before Xmas event over on his Progradar website.

A very thorough review covering not just ourselves but also our friends in We Are Kin & Tiger Moth Tales too!

Over the last year or so Martin has become a great cheer leader for the latest incarnation of Abel Ganz and, as we have come to know him better, we are proud to call him our friend.

You can read the review here!

Review of Xmas show!

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Here is a rather splendid review of our Prog Before Xmas show.

Thanks to Jim Lawson of ‘The Ancient One’ radio show!


And in case you missed it, you can listen again to the Podcast of The Ancient One’s Progzilla Radio show which featured tracks from all of the bands that performed on the #progbeforeXmas! #AbelGanz   #wearekin    #tigermothtales

Prog Core Radio – Future Feature

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Big THANKS to André [Nemo Dre] for including ‪#‎AbelGanz‬ in his ‪#‎FutureFeature‬ on Prog Core Live Radio last night.

Thanks too to John Simms for including us in his ‪#‎MusicalAdventCalendar‬.

Listening again to the tune ‘Thank You’ I am once more struck by the genius of Jerry Donahue! What great guitar.


Happy New Year

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Here is a little something to shake off the New Year hangover from our keys man Jack Webb.


Good Christmas Cheer

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Thanks to our friend Peter Jones [of Tiger Moth Tales] for including Abel Ganz on his Christmas edition of Tales from the Tiger Moth – over on the wonderful Progzilla radio.

You can listen again the the podcast here!


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Well – I know I really should have written something here yesterday but during the inevitable come down after a quite euphoric night before, I spent most of Saturday in quiet reflection mulling over not only the actual gig itself but also all the work and effort that went in to making it happen and, also, the past year in general. Before I go any further though – I must say some thank yous. 1st off, an absolute HUGE thank you to Daniel Zambas, Lee Braddock, Gary Boast, and everyone else in the, quite frankly, far too good We Are Kin.
It’s already been said but to think that this was their 1st gig is just incredible. Not only are their tunes bloody great but their confidence and proficiency on stage made them appear seasoned professionals. I remember our 1st gigs as a band and we did not look anywhere near as relaxed or assured. I also can’t quite believe how quickly they got all their gear on stage and sound checked when it looked as if an incredibly tight schedule was at risk of becoming nothing other than a mere fantasy. Thank you!
These guys are all quite a bit younger than most ‘Prog’ bands – personally, I think that is fantastic and it bodes well for the future. Definitely a band to watch!

Peter Jones / Tiger Moth Tales – what can I say! There simply are not enough superlatives – this man is just insanely talented! A gifted musician [is there nothing he can’t play?] with one of the most beautiful soulful voices I have ever heard – and the songs! Oh, the songs!!!
When he was performing he had us all in the palm of his hand and you could have heard a pin drop such was the attention that his set demanded.
When we first started to think about doing this event several months ago Peter Jones was absolutely at the very top of my list of people who we would love to have involved. When I asked him if he would consider coming up to Glasgow to do it, not only did he agree immediately, from then on he went out of his way to help promote it across various FB pages and the great Progzilla Radio too. A man of incredible good humour and joie de vivre – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and the lovely Kimberley Frances in person at last and to spend some time with you in the bar afterwards. I don’t think I will ever forget you leading off the ‘Prog Chorus’ [sic, drunken rabble] as the drink flowed and the tunes played on. Feels alright!!!!

Speaking of which! Thanks too must go to both Hew Montgomery and Hugh Carter. Both, of course, original founding members of Abel Ganz. Thank you so much for agreeing to get involved – Hew, it’s immensely appreciated you taking care of everyone’s merch and you totally saved the day when we had our little tickets problem. Hugh [Uncle Shug], you were our secret weapon! When we 1st thought of the Prog DJ idea I knew immediately that you were the man for the job! A great DJ set you had the whole bar [Prog] rockin and in many ways it was the best part of the night!

I especially want to say a massive thank you [of course] to everyone who came and supported the event! Doubly so to those who traveled some considerable distance – Jim, Martin, Emma, Simon to name just a few. It was absolutely wonderful to see so many people there – meeting some for the 1st time [having only communicated previously through FB] and others who we have not seen for years. It was amazing also to have so many ex-members of the band present – Martin, Ken Weir, Gordon and of course Hew and Hugh. An Abel Ganz family reunion – damn, I wish we had got that photo! I felt a great sense of camaraderie and solidarity throughout the night – and I think it brilliant that Scotland saw, too, its 1st proper Prog curry [Andrew Craig / Maria Carter]!!

2015 has been an incredible year for ABEL GANZ. Without doubt the best and most successful in the bands long history. How amazing is that! I want to sincerely thank the rest of the guys in the band for sharing what has been [for me] one of the best years in my life. I [again] apologize for my appalling levels of control freakery. Thank you Davie, Jack, Stephen, Mick, Iain and Stephen.

I want to thank everyone who has this year had faith in us and championed us in any small way. Thanks and appreciation to George, Krista, Donna and all at RoSfest. Thanks to Stephen & Huw at Summers End Progressive Rock Festival. Thanks to Stephen and all at The Classic Rock Society . Thanks too to Arie for giving us our 1st ever gig in Europe. Hopefully we will make it back the Netherlands [maybe even Germany] next year!

Thanks to everyone who has written a review, given us a mention, played one of our songs [Marty, Rob, Bob Mulvey, Shaun, Jim Lawson, or just been our friend Nemo, Jutta, Joe, Eric, Dave, Dougie, David.  A massive, massive thank you must go to Martin Hutchinson – you have been an amazing friend and cheer leader for us! We are so grateful to you for helping to spread the word. Apologies to anyone who I should have mentioned but have forgotten at the moment.

So – that’s a record post from me!! Have a great Xmas everyone we will see you next year. Denis